Ruskin, a lecture in Oxford by Ken Jacobson

Jacobson RuskinOn Wendsday, 3 June 2015, the Bodleian Library in Oxford is presenting the lecture: 'Carrying off the palaces: John Ruskin's lost daguerrotypes' by Ken Jacobson.

In the Spring issue of the Dagurreotype Journal we have talked about the last book by Ken and Jenny Jacobson focusing on John Ruskin's daguerreotypes. "In 1840 John Ruskin (London 1819 – Brantwood 1900), the leading Victorian writer on art, architecture and society, encountered the first truly successful photographic process – that of the daguerreotype – and he soon became a devotee, buying and commissioning daguerreotype images in various European cities. During one of his frequent journeys to Switzerland he wrote to his friend W.H. Harrison that he was fascinated with the daguerreotype as it was "certainly the most marvellous invention of the century".


3 June 2015 5.15pm — 6.15pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Weston Library

Speaker: Ken Jacobson

Registration is required