Andreas Gruber for STREULICHT N°4



Andreas Gruber, specialist in the conservation of photographs from the Institut für Papierrestaurierung (Institute for Paper Conservation) in Vienna - Austria, contributed to the latest issue of STREULICHT.

The issue N°4 of STREULICHT is dedicated to the haptic and tactile qualities of photography and the aspect of touch in both the technical and figurative senses. The theme of touch allows for a broad range of associations and possibilities – from emotional participation to the processes that lay behind the contact sheet and re-touching.

Skin to skin with the viewer's perceptions and with the depicted subject itself, photography stands right on a border where glances touch and are exchanged. There is a reason that the STREULICHT N°4term film literally denotes skin. Among other things, the photographic element reveals itself through perceptions that go beyond pure optics to challenge the tactile sense, which is perceived through feeling, penetrating, touching. For this 4th edition of STREULICHT, a magazine for photography & related matters we would like to make these forms of (photographic) seeing, of bodily and sensual experience, our point of departure.

For the fourth issue of STREULICHT Andreas Gruber wrote extensively on the history and the importance of good preservation and conservation of the daguerreotype. He also stressed the relevance of the Daguerreobase project. Andreas Gruber, * 1970 in Linz, Austria. Academic conservator with focus on photography and graphic art. Studied at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna and STREULICHT N°4Copenhagen, and at the George Eastman House and the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, USA. Lives and works in Vienna.

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