Daguerres Große Entdeckung. A publication by Peter Wutz

Werbeflyer Dag 131108 scr-1-1A couple of personal words from the author:

"Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of photography,

I hereby would like to ask for your attention and help. I have written in the past three years a book about the beginnings of photography. The time has come and the book will come fresh off the printing press in March and will be ready for shipping.

In advance it can be purchased at a very reasonable price by subscription. The book will then be sent after your orderstatus immediately after printing (March 2014). No payment in advance, only after you received the book.

If you would like to help me to communicate the book to your friends and certainly large group of interested people, I would be very indebted to you.

Werbeflyer Dag 131108 scr-1-2I also would like to want to declare that I do not make a dime on this book, but it is still close to my heart that it is read, as I had a lot of fun while writing it and a lot of new and interesting information about the time to Daguerre are to be found in the book, too.

You might also see the possibility of making a link to www.landesarchiv.saarland.de on your website.

A book written and illustrated for collectors and a must to all lovers of early photography. The first 500 subscribers will get the book autographed by the author.

Up to now the first edition of this book is only available in german language, but it also contains lots of reproductions of reprints of letters and advertisings in french and english. The 800 pictures of 226 until now never published daguerreotypes will, in addition, speak an international and own language.

I hope you all will enjoy the Book "Daguerre's great Discovery".

Yours sincerely,
Peter Wutz"

Do you want to buy Daguerres Große Entdeckung by Peter Wutz? The first 500 copies are numbered and signed. You can find the subscription form here (pdf).

For more information about the publication, visit www.saarland.de