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1876-524_2 1876-524_2 Becquerel, Edmond man moustache beard sideburns shirt jacket cravat scientist
1990-5036/13707 1853-1859 1990-5036/13707 - man man clean shaven jacket shirt cravats waistcoat trousers jewelry ring watch chain chair side parting
2003-5001/2/28277 1855 2003-5001/2/28277 sculpture interior night staircase ironwork railing plinth bust
L190 1848-1852 L190 - portrait couple
BOS-2845 1850-1860 BOS-2845 - stereo naked woman erotic chair mirror inpainted
F39961 1851-1856 F39961 - sexual intercourse supine man squatting woman clothed
2003-5001/2/28236 1855 2003-5001/2/28236 interior sculpture plinth foliage floorboards
1951-323 1855-07-09 1951-323 man handcoloured jacket trousers cravat chair table watch chain container plain backdrop
1990-5036/13711 1990-5036/13711 statue sculpture horse rider spear plinth marble classical panther topless
1990-5036_2565_1 1990-5036_2565_1 man plain background head facing front collar handcolouring
1990-5037_A101_2 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5037_A101_2 - woman blouse centre parting plait shawl ribbon lace collar lace cuffs jewelry ring chain brooch chair table tablecloth tassel basket vase rose flower cushion hand coloured gold highlight silver highlight
1990-5036/13724 1990-5036/13724 tree light park bench bench chandelier sky plant gaslight landscape
PK-F-G.4162 1850-1860 PK-F-G.4162 - portrait
DOL 468 1855 DOL 468 sculpture
2003-5001/2/28262 1854-06 2003-5001/2/28262 Crystal Palace sculpture victory girders equestrian statue window planters tree in pot bench foliage wooden floor plinth
1990-5036/13702 1990-5036/13702 sculpture robe woman classical marble bag container dress
1919-298 1919-298 duck vegetable basket jar bottle cork table axe dried flower hessian barrel wooden panels slipware tap spigot
RP-F-F17800-B 1850-01-01-1859-12-31 RP-F-F17800-B - portrait man woman
1960,73 1848-1852 1960,73 - Lutteroth, Constanze, Lutteroth, Therese portrait double portrait family cap collar lace collar table tablecloth cloth backdrop jewellery brooch dress cape cuffs earring
1990-5037_A.103_6 1851 1990-5037_A.103_6 taxidermy owl bird feather
D 160 1852-1855 D 160 - Jupiter, Ganymed sculpture
031 1851 031 statue column plinth bench wall painting
1960,72 1842-07-01-1842-07-31 1960,72 - Lutteroth, Ascan W., Lutteroth, Charlotte man woman couple lace collar lace cuffs brooch centre parting bun dress earring table tablecloth cloth backdrop chair jacket waistcoat bow tie sideburns side parting
1685-1939 1851-1851 1685-1939 - Crystal Palace lighthouse plinth statue fountain scaffolding ironwork pillar glass display case
Danmarks Fotomuseum 023 1855-1860 Danmarks Fotomuseum 023 - portrait
1990-5037_A.106 1853-03-08 1990-5037_A.106 man moustache jacket waistcoat cravat side parting
BOS-2847 1850-1860 BOS-2847 - stereo table tablecloth naked woman necklace erotic cross curtain
1951-323_3 1951-323_3 man jacket cravat shirt side parting seated portrait
RP-F-F14392-B 1840-01-01-1860-12-31 RP-F-F14392-B - portrait man woman bull fighter
AB14962 1845-1850 AB14962 - portrait young woman child boy son
RLB_123_124_1872 RLB_123_124_1872 pocket watch locket couple with child mother baby man
Danmarks Fotomuseum 024 1850-1860 Danmarks Fotomuseum 024 - portrait
1951-323_8 1951-323_8 man hat fez jacket trousers shoe sock shirt cravat chair book table tablecloth carpet microscope camera octant still curtain hand coloured glass dome condenser scientific instrument globe footstool barometer air pump magic lantern tripod scientist
PK-F-76.0577 1840-1860 PK-F-76.0577 - portrait
DOL 397 y 398 1840 DOL 397 y 398 Hamilton children portrait group child
EGH121b EGH121b - portrait woman necklace jewelry
MGJ_65 1852-1855 MGJ_65 - husband and wife couple tinted double mat
9,S-9-69/2-2 Nr.4,2 1850-1855 9,S-9-69/2-2 Nr.4,2 - portrait young man
E.1200-1992 E.1200-1992 arch landscape stone gate column window entablature tree urn pavement wrought iron gates lamp iron fence road
Claudet stereo 1851-1867 Claudet stereo - portrait Man woman couple family children curtain window table bonnet ribbons gown side parting central parting toys
NTM-19363 NTM-19363 portrait
PK-F-76.0579 1850-1860 PK-F-76.0579 - portrait
PC04152 1856-03-28 PC04152 Alice [unleserlich] old woman alte frau mirror spiegel baby kind child post mortem bonnet haube
d0097 1852-1860 d0097 - Graaf, de, born Berg portrait woman
1990-5036/13698 1855-07-09-1867 1990-5036/13698 - woman dress blouse lace cuffs handkerchief black lace hand coloured chair cushion tassels hand coloured gold highlight centre parting jewelry ring
no number 02 1851 no number 02 duck game vegetable fruit table jar barrel axe wooden plank basket hessian dried flower
1977-176_5 1977-176_5 coral still life
1990-5037_A.96 1852 1990-5037_A.96 man table tablecloth hand coloured sword moustache sideburns side parting cap chair jacket cravat trousers
1919-296 1854 1919-296 young girl dress sock racket centre parting table chair upholstery cushion flower interior dado rail hand coloured
BOS-2856 1850-1860 BOS-2856 - stereo table writing materials pen book paper