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Welcome to Daguerreobase

Daguerreobase is an online application designed to contain detailed information about daguerreotypes. Members can view, edit and store records of individual daguerreotypes and establish relations to other records based on a wide range of characteristics. This includes collections, owners, creators, hallmarks, housing models, sizes, materials and descriptions.


This project is partially funded by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).
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The website is run by the Daguerreobase Consortium (partially funded by the European Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme) and gives access to detailed information about daguerreotypes, historical daguerreotypes and related literature from across Europe and beyond, including digitised material. This material is provided by the members of the Daguerreobase Consortium and their affiliates. The Daguerreobase Consortium strives to make most resources on this website available for re-use via their partner Europena ( As part of this, most metadata (textual information on digitised cultural heritage) on this site is harvested by Europeana and published without any restrictions on re-use on their website. Most other material, such as the previews to digitised cultural heritage, is clearly labelled on with rights statements that indicate if and under which conditions it can be re-used.

All information on this website, including metadata and digital images, can not be regarded as freely re-usable data, unless otherwise stated.

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