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Richard Beard, (attr.)
Portrait of a young woman, c. 1842.
Coll. Michael G. Jacob

The English collector Michael G. Jacob presents us the English daguerreotypist
Richard Beard (1801-1875)

R. Beard was described by H. & A. Gernsheim as a 'coal-merchant who speculated in patents.' Beard was both of those things, but he was much more, too. A true Victorian entrepreneur with an eye for business and a rare talent for anticipating the future.
Before buying the British daguerreotype patent in June, 1841, he had purchased the British patent for the American Wolcott & Johnson speculum camera in 1840. He then hired gifted chemists such as John Frederick Goddard to accelerate the process, and was able to open the first daguerreotype portrait studio in England in 23rd March, 1841.

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